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Home > Diversey Bonnet Buff (1-Gallon, 4-Pack)

Diversey Bonnet Buff (1-Gallon, 4-Pack) - Price
Diversey Bonnet Buff (1-Gallon, 4-Pack)
  • Diversey Bonnet Buff (1-Gallon, 4-Pack)
  • Price: $79.25
  • 5 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Diversey
  • Model: 95002700
  • Shipping Weight: 8.35 lbs
Brand  Diversey
Model  95002700
UPC  078291883046
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Experience the power of Bonnet Buff when you're confronted with heavily soiled carpets. A unique blend of polymer and solvent cleansers break down both oil and water-based soils from carpets and other flooring and upholstery materials. This cleaner features a system that wicks the solution and soil to the material surface drying it into a brittle powder for easy vacuum cleanup while effectively minimizing the potential for wet-transfer re-soiling.
Applicable materials for use include natural textiles synthetic textiles carpet and upholstery. This product is effective against a multitude of dirt types including grease grime oil-based soil organic matter spills and water-based soil.

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Product Added Saturday 09 September, 2017

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