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Spice Hunter/C.F. Sauer
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Home > Spice Hunter Gift Set, Baking Essentials, 18.9-Ounce

Spice Hunter Gift Set, Baking Essentials, 18.9-Ounce - Price
Spice Hunter Gift Set, Baking Essentials, 18.9-Ounce
  • Spice Hunter Gift Set, Baking Essentials, 18.9-Ounce
  • Price: $86.10
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Spice Hunter/C.F. Sauer
  • Model: 081057022269
Brand  Spice Hunter/C.F. Sauer
UPC  081057022269
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A holiday must have to meet your baking needs. This 10 Jar Spice Rack contains the following; (1 unit 1.5oz) Cinnamon Highland Harvested Saigon™ Ground-The sweetest of all cinnamons wonderful with sweet and savory dishes. (1 unit 1.9oz) Nutmeg East/West Indies Whole-Grate over pasta spinach eggnog chocolate milk custard and fruit desserts. (1 unit 1.9oz)
Cloves Madagascar Ground-For interesting flavor try with cheese eggs sauces and entrées. (1 unit 1.6 oz) Ginger Chinese Ground -This hot sweet spice enhances sweet as well as savory dishes. (1 unit 1.8oz) Allspice Jamaican Ground-Adds smooth warm flavor to chili pies stews and curries. (1 unit 2.4oz)
Poppy Seeds Dutch Whole-Punctuates pasta potatoes salads and baked goods with tiny flavor bursts! (1 unit 3.6oz) Cream of Tartar Ground -The secret to fluffy egg whites for baking and snowy-white sweets. (1 unit 1.9oz) Cardamom Guatemalan Ground-Cherished worldwide for its aromatic role from sweet to savory. (1unit 1.8oz) Pumpkin
Pie Spice Blend-Enhance nostalgic holiday treats tempting breakfasts and brunches. (1 unit 2 beans) Vanilla Bean Madagascar Whole-Store in brandy for pure flavoring or create your own vanilla sugar.

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Product Added Sunday 15 November, 2015

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