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Home > Numi Organic Tea Green Rooibos - Herbal Teasan in Teabags, 18-Count Box (Pack of 6)

Numi Organic Tea Green Rooibos - Herbal Teasan in Teabags, 18-Count Box (Pack of 6) - Price
Numi Organic Tea Green Rooibos - Herbal Teasan in Teabags, 18-Count Box (Pack of 6)
  • Numi Organic Tea Green Rooibos - Herbal Teasan in Teabags, 18-Count Box (Pack of 6)
  • Price: $45.74
  • 8 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Numi
  • Model: 10210
Brand  Numi
Model  10210
UPC  680692602104
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Product Description Numi pioneers another magnificently healthy caffeine-free organic herbal teasan Green Rooibos! This well kept South African secret comes from the same plant as Rooibos (Red Tea) yet is not sun dried yielding an amazingly beneficial and nourishing cup. Green Rooibos elevated anti-oxidant activity surpasses even that of green tea! Its light smooth woody taste is sweetly accented by healthy
Honeybush. Organic Honeybush is also rich in anti-oxidants and phytoestrogens and imparts natural wild honey tones. Together these gifts of nature will nurture good health and please you with their gentle earthy aroma. For more information on Numi and our products please visit our website at www.numiea.com or contact us at 866-972-6879 (Toll-Free).
The brother and sister duo behind Numi Tea Ahmed the master alchemist behind Numis blends discovered the calming simplicity of tea and herbal teasans while living in Prague Czech Republic where he co-owned and ran two teahouses. A distinguished photographer Ahmed used his artistic and intuitive nature as a foundation for his innovative and artisan approach to the blending of teas.
Fluent in English Arabic French German and Czech Ahmed is a citizen of the world; each pot of Numi tea is an amalgamation of his worldly cultural knowledge his in-depth understanding of teas and his appreciation for quality. Ahmeds sister Reem has a background that is almost as diverse as the selection of
Numi teas. Before the advent of Numi Reem a biomedical engineer moved to Italy to nurture her artistic aspirations. Reem has exhibited her artwork around the world in San Francisco New York City Melbourne and Florence. But you dont need to be a globetrotter to admire her artwork--Reems original paintings are also exhibited on each one of
Numis packages. Inspired by her brothers photos and by the meditative nature and timeless essence of tea Reem painted Numis artwork using oil on small tin plates with imagery that evokes a slower more contemplative way of being. Reem believes that tea like art has a universal essence and is a portal for self-reflection. What started as a dream in
Reems small Oakland apartment moved to a lovely 25 000 squrare-foot space on the Oakland waterfront and has progressed into an exciting and delicious journey. Since its beginning Numi has carved a distinct path in the U.S. tea world by introducing exotic teas such as Rooibos (Red Tea) Lemon Myrtle Honeybush and Dry Desert Lime and also by offering full-leaf tea in teabags without added oils or flavorings.
Numi continues to pave the way and set new tea trends most recently with its creation of the hand-sewn and handcrafted Flowering Teas.
About the Brand Numis vision is to inspire well-being of mind body and spirit through the simple art of tea. Numi elevates the tea experience through quality creativity and authenticity. We are grateful to those who contribute to our tea journey and we hope to have a positive impact on all members of our

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Product Added Sunday 15 November, 2015

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